About Us

Everlasting Covenant was founded in response to a Spirit-inspired calling to grow an equipping church that would not be a franchise but would be a model community for preaching and teaching God’s Word, saving souls, and discipling Believers, strengthening families and raising up Kingdom Workers.

We are a Non-Denominational Church that believes God, our Father, has provided the gift of salvation through Christ, our Savior, so that we can live a Spirit-filled life that glorifies God.

Christ is calling each Believer into a loving, personal relationship with Him to become Christlike under the power and authority of the Holy Spirit. The Word of God tells us that we show our love for Christ “by keeping his commandments”.

Everlasting Covenant is committed to being a Christ-centered, biblically-based, culturally-relevant community of Believers reaching out to share the gospel and serve people locally and around the world. We share the universal purposes of all churches in the Body of Christ:

  • Bringing People In … to a relationship with Jesus and their new spiritual family
  • Building People Up … as they begin living the way Jesus created us to live
  • Equipping People For … serving in areas of their abilities and passion
  • Sending People Out … to impact the world by serving and sharing the life-changing news of Jesus
  • Glorify God ….All for the glory of God.

Everlasting Covenant Community Church of Central Florida is a place “Where the Lord is Worshiped, People are Loved, The Word of God is Taught”

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